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A Comical Rewrite of the Bible
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A comical twist on the King James version of the Christian bible.
It in no way reflects the personal views or opinions of the authors.
You may post, but your posts will be moderated.

a] Links to communities regarding religion or any website regarding religion
b] Opinions on posts that have been presented. If more than one paragraph, this must be under a cut.
c] Your own comical rendition of a verse or chapter. [Please do not attempt to rewrite ours or your own version of a rewrite. This is our community.]

Not Appropriate:
a] Rude or personal attacks on any community member [including the moderators]
b] Posts that have nothing to do with religion or posts made in this community
c] Pimping other communities that do not share interests with this.
d] Any post longer than a paragraph or so that is not under a cut.
e] Images not under a cut.

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