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Hi everyone.
I've got interesting facts to share.

It came to my attention yesterday while watching a special on Jesus, that at the time of the messiah's crucifiction, it is said [in the Bible, of course] that a soldier gave Jesus a bowl of vinegar while he was nailed to the cross. While the special didn't mention why exactly the soldier would have done so, they've found that at that time, medicine [anestetia specifically] was mixed with vinegar and then given to the suffering.
It's not so much a question as to why the soldier would give Jesus a bowl of vinegar mixed with anestetia, as it is a question of if the soldier had in fact given Jesus a bowl of vinegar and medicine, is it possible that Jesus was placed in the tomb alive, and then woke up three days later? Though it is said that Jesus had to have lost too much blood to be able to stay alive, I suppose if he wasn't feeling much pain and fell asleep, and was earlier that week walking around healing blind men, he probably could have stayed alive, even if he had lost more blood than I would imagine human beings contain in their bodies.
In past experiments dealing with ill patients, those who are involved in praying do not necessarily do any better than those who do not engage in religious activities. It's a proven fact.
Actually, it has been found that if a person is told they are being prayed for by strangers, they tend to do worse than those who are not involved in prayer at all.
As the saying goes "when there's a will, there's a way", so if Jesus believed he would live, wasn't feeling pain, and fell asleep due to the anesthetic, he could have been buried alive, couldn't he have?
One easily fathomable problem has arisen with this theory. When dealing with crucifictions, the soldiers would poke the side of a victim before removing them from the cross to be sure they were dead. If Jesus was still alive, but under the influence of anesthetia, would he have been recognized by the soldiers as a living or dead being?
Yet another problem arises with this theory-- didn't God say that Jesus would die on the cross days before he was actually crucified? If Jesus was in fact alive, God would have been wrong in a sense, and therefore, Christians would have a reason to [in a sense] strongly dislike their lying bastard of a father. One of The Ten Commandments speaks against this, and the people who turned away from God would therefore go to Hell..
Actually the suggestion that God was wrong could result in the second book of Job. [And nobody is okay with losing their money and appearance twice. Nobody!]
So, it'd be wise to leave the questions where they stand, but wouldn't it be interesting to find out that Jesus had in fact been buried alive? It would raise so many new questions about history, medicine, science, and the like. It would also kill most Christians' spiritual connection to Easter.

I don't think any Christian could accept that Christianity could be revolutionized by a new finding.
I don't think I've stuck to my topic very well, but I presented the idea.
What if Jesus had merely been under the influence of anesthetia when they buried him, and his resurrection was infact, merely his waking up?

ps; Does anybody have information or know where I could find information on whether Jesus was said to have scars or wounds when he "rose from the dead"? That'd be greatly appreciated.

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